The Thousand Mile Seat


Width: 13.5"
Material: Hi-Density, Closed-Cell Cushioning
Price: $149.95

There are a variety of gel pads and air cushions on the market today, but at best, they can only add some padding to a seat that is simply too narrow and lacks proper shape. We offer a full-size, 13.5-inch, portable, passenger seat…That’s the same size seating area as the factory driver’s seat on a Harley Softail! It incorporates all the comfort benefits of hi-density, closed-cell cushioning and a concave ergonomic shape that provides firm and correct support for the posterior and lower back. You’ll see why it has earned the name “The Thousand Mile Seat!”



A. Rotational locking mechanism
B. Positioning stops (4)
C. Positioning stop extensions & screws (4 ea.)
D. Anti-Blow off straps (2)
E. Suction Cups (4)
F. Tool (1)
G. Gripper surface